Creating an Alias on an NTFS Drive 2


Creating an Alias on an NTFS Drive


The Problem: You cannot create an alias on an NTFS Drive because you cannot right to the disk. The Solution: Read on.

The problem when creating an alias on an NTFS drive is that you cannot write to the disk, you get this error.

The solution to this is a little long winded but it works.

The first step is to create a temporary folder where you want the Alias to be. For example in your documents folder. This will bring you up with an alias of that temporary folder.

The next step is to delete the temporary folder you used to create the alias. You now have a “lost” alias.

The final step is to link this lost alias to the folder or file on the NTFS drive. This is done simply by double clicking on the alias.

Click “Fix Alias” and navigate to the folder you want on the NTFS drive. Problem Solved.

This work around helps if you need to a quick short cut to folders or files on an NTFS drive (or any other formatted drive that you cant right to) but were unable to do so because you didn’t have sufficient rights.

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