Alt + Tab Power Tips 8


Alt + Tab Power Tips


If you are anything like me you may have a lot of programs open at once. But do you know these power tricks to be able to navigate quickly and easily through all of the programs, as well as closing them in a flash. This post will be all about Alt + Tab (its not actually alt its command, but alt sounds better and you know what I mean) power tips to help you improve you work efficiency.

Take for example the image below this is what it looks like if you have many tabs open at once. A bit of a nightmare.

To move forward through the list you press tab, simple. To move backwards press alt + the tilda key. The tilda key is above tab and next to the number 1. You can also hover over any icon to select it. Releasing the keys will enable you to move to that application.

If you want to quit an application you can while still having this mini menu up. If you want to quit an application press Q while still holding alt (command really). You can also combine mouse hovers to quickly cut though a list and close many programs.

Hopefully these tips have helped. I use them all the time, and so should you.

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