Working With Widgets 1


Working With Widgets


Yesterday I posted about a website which offers cool widgets for you to download and use. Today I am going to talk to you about the super simple steps needed to install and ultimately uninstall them. It is very easy to do. And if you are new to the Mac operating system, this should hopefully give you some insight into how widgets work and how you can make them work for you.

Step 1) The first step is to of course download you widget. As an example I have used the qwikgrade from As shown in firefox you download the .zip as you would normally.

Step 2) Once as you unzip the file, by double clicking on it, you should get a file ending in a .wdgt. This is your widget file. It is just like a normal program, it is a tiny folder with all the resources located behind it. Most of the time it will contain the default widget symbol, sometimes it will contain a specific icon if you developer so choses.

Step 3) Double click this file and you will be given a message if you want to install this widget. Clicking install will copy the file to the necessary place. Clicking cancel will cancel the installation. This will actually copy the file to Users:*Your Name*:Libary:Widgets. Before on Tiger you would have to manually drop a widget into this folder, if I remember correctly.

Step 4) What this will do is open the widget on your dashboard. At the moment it is fully functional but is in a special state. If you notice at the bottom there is the Delete/Keep buttons. You can test the widget out really easily, and decide if you want to keep it or not. I think this is a great addition as you can easily remove it if you decide it is rubbish.

Uninstalling widgets is just as simple as installing them. It only involves a couple of simple steps.

Step 1) At the bottom of the screen in the left hand corner click the cross symbol.

Step 2) Click on the Manage Widgets button as shown in the image below. This will actually open up a widget to let you manage what is installed.

Step 3) You then have the options to hide widgets through the cross. This is great if you have loads of widgets and you don’t them appearing on the bottom bar, but at the same time you don’t them deleted from you system. By clicking on the red minus sign this will delete the widget from you system. It will ask you to confirm and them move the widget to the trash, where you can recover it if you really want it back.

I hope these tips help. For new uses I have found that a new operating system is very complex and some of these tips can be difficult to find.

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