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Installing Applications, A Noobs Guide 9


Installing Applications, A Noobs Guide

Every so often I will publish a newbies tip or trick for people that are new to the Mac operating system. As Mac’s are getting more popular I feel that basic newbie tips will be a great help. These will sort of tips will range from nearly everything. This first tip will be about installing applications. With anyone who is a switcher from a Windows machine this can be an interesting experience. Many newbies, you may not believe it, do not know how to install an applications, I was one of them for a short time. Hopefully this guide will explain all.

Dock Library 1


Dock Library

Quite a while ago I mentioned a website that enabled you to download new dock designs for your own use. They were cool although needed a lot of manual labor. But some person has come up with an application that can do it for you. Its quite cool although it is a little buggy.

Edit A Text File In Terminal 11


Edit A Text File In Terminal

Here is a cool trick to enable you to edit text files in Terminal using a little applications called pico. Its really easy and the text editor is quite powerful. It is really simple to do and can open every file that you can open in text edit.

Installing PHP To Run With Your Web Server 1


Installing PHP To Run With Your Web Server

Did you know that your Mac has a fully built Apache web server built right in. You can access it through http://localhost/~User/ with all of the files stored in /Users/~User/Sites/ . This is a full apache install. When you turn web sharing on from System Preferences (System Preferences > Sharing > Web Sharing), a very important step, you can surf you Mac and serve a very basic web page/site. The problem with this is that it doesn’t have php enabled. This is a problem for anyone who wants to take it a step further and start developing more dynamic websites. As a result I have written this guide which will show you how to enable it. There are two methods the long and hard way which usually encounters many problems or the quick and easy way. This guide is intended for Leopard so it may differ on older systems. If you do encounter any problems leave a comment. I will try and answer them with the best of my knowledge, although it is out of the scope of this piece. As a side note enabling this is usually for development only and not to actually serve websites on the net, since it is highly unsecure. They are designed for developing websites. If you do want to serve websites on the internet I suggest finding a web host or reading more in depth into how this technology works.

Preview Image Resize Bug 2


Preview Image Resize Bug

I came across this really funny bug within Preview. Basically I was trying to resize a 128 x 128 pixel png with transparency down to 75 pixels square. This was done through Tools > Adjust Size within Preview. The problem that arose was the final image being 904,074.7 TB in size. Thats Terrabytes. The next step up from Gigabytes. I did manage to get is up to 1 exabyte but I can’t remember how exactly I did it. That size by the way is probably all the information on every computer in world. Its massive.

20 Essential Mac OS X Apps For Bloggers 16


20 Essential Mac OS X Apps For Bloggers

As a blogger there are some applications that are just essential to help improve my productivity and to save time. I have gone through my computer and I am presenting to you 20 essential applications that any Mac blogger should have. They are presented in alphabetical order.

Changing The Login Screen Background 3


Changing The Login Screen Background

The login screen on Leopard is cool the first 2000 times you see it, but after a while it does get a bit boring and it can do with a change. This method is really simple and doesn’t involve using Terminal or any sudo commands. Coincidentally I don’t really like using sudo commands or mentioning them, since they are so powerful, if you get it wrong you can delete your whole partition.

Todos – Find Every Application 5


Todos – Find Every Application

As your Macintosh gets used and grows in size with applications you will find it quite hard to keep track of all of them in a simple to use way. What Todos does is provide you a simple interface from the menu bar that shows every single applications installed on you computer in a clear palette which you can then use to open any application you want.

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