Add A Gradient Behind Icons In Stacks 0


Add A Gradient Behind Icons In Stacks


This is another “improvement” that you can add to improve the look of stacks. What this hack does is add a gradient background to any item you hover over in a stack. The result of this means you get a cool graphical effect as shown in the conveniently placed picture below.

First step open up Terminal. Then type the following.

defaults write mouse-over-hilte-stack -boolean YES

This puts the command in place for the magic to happen. On the next line in Terminal type the following.

killall Dock

This kills the dock and restarts it. As a result the stacks will re-configure and the code will load. As a result every time you hover over a stack icon a cool gradient should appear. The only problem I find is that it feels a little slower, especially on the big stack items. As well as this it doesn’t work on the list stacks.

If you want to revert the gradient back to normal type the following code.

defaults write mouse-over-hilte-stack -boolean NO
killall Dock

The only difference is the Yes has now changed to No. As with any hacks in terminal if you come across a Yes or a no in the line of code they can usually be reverted. This is also the same for 1 and 0.

A great little trick, please leave a comment if you no of any more.

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