Brilliant iPhone and iPod Touch Wallpapers 5


Brilliant iPhone and iPod Touch Wallpapers


For any iPhone or iTouch owners out there I am going to share with you a really cool site. It is a website dedicated to amazing wallpapers formatted and designed to fit perfectly on your iTouch/iPhone. I must say that some of the designs are really cool. I wish I had an iTouch so I could try them out.

Each image can be downloaded and saved out so you can upload it to you iPhone/iTouch. If you save it out to your photos folder and then sync it to you handset. You can then tap on your Photos icon and you will find your image. You can then set it as your wallpaper.

A new image is uploaded every day or couple of days. I wish some of these were full size so I could use them on my MacBook Pro. In particular I like this one. So simple and yet so cool at the same time.

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