Caffine – Keep Your Mac Awake 5


Caffine – Keep Your Mac Awake


If you watch a lot of movies, read long pages and generally use your computer a lot and don’t want to move the mouse to stop the screen saver I have found a handy little application that does all this. Its called caffeine and is design to run in the menu bar and is great.

The basic idea behind this app is, you click a button to enable the caffeine injection into you computer, this stops you screen saver from activating, its like drinking a double mega coffee super caffeine injected chocolate coffee mocha. Simple. Its simple to use one click on, one click off. Its quicker than going into System Preferences and setting all of the buttons and sliders to stop this manually. Since it is on/off you can keep your normal settings in tacked.

Its free so download it. I would like to hear your comments. I am beginning to use it more and more.

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