Clicking With A Macbook/Pro Touchpad 29


Clicking With A Macbook/Pro Touchpad


Many people who by laptops (especially Windows laptops), use the trackpad/touch pad as a means of clicking. By default this is switched off to Mac users, on the flip side it is normally on for Windows users. It is always funny to see a new Mac user trying to click with the touch pad and jabbing there finger ever harder on the touch pad. Thats not the purpose of this story, switching it on is. You can find more information about this trick in MacBook or MacBook Pro Portable Genius, you can also find this trick in MacBook For Dummies. I recommend any of those books if you want to learn more tricks about your laptop.

To enable you to switch on your touchpad you need to head over to system preferences. Go to System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Trackpad. You will notice about half way down an option for turning on clicking.

If you enable the check box named clicking the touch pad will become active and you can start clicking. Underneath this there is a dragging option. I am not 100% sure what this does I had a mess about with it an nothing much happened. If you can tell me in the comments that would be great.

There is one other option that I would like to draw you attention to. This is right clicking. Since Macs have a multi-touch interface they can register more than one input at a time. This means there is a second option for right clicking.

If you don’t have clicking enabled the check box underneath will ask about using two fingers and then clicking the button to right click. If you have clicking enabled this will change so when ever you tap two fingers on the pad any right click menu will appear. I think this is really cool.

There you have it. Clicking with the trackpad is really simple it just involves changing a tick box. I find that many people don’t know about this since it isn’t turned on by default. Many new users where I work ask me about such as features. Finally, there may be more options on a Mac Book Air, since I don’t have one of these I can’t really tell you how it differs.

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