Configuring Usenet 4


Configuring Usenet


Usenet is a great part of the internet. You can chat to people download files and do other wondrous stuff. But for a person that is new to this technology it is a bit hard to get your head around it and configuring it to work. But this post will hopefully clear up how to step it up and start navigating around. I am going to use Unison, a great little application from Panic. It is very simple to use. If you are looking for a good Usenet service I recommend Giganews.

Step 1) Download and install Unison. Its a demo app and can be bought for $24.95. The demo is for 15 days. After this you will get limited featues. The demo is the full program so you get all of the functionality.

Step 2) One as you open the application you get the setup screen. Clicking Get Access opens up your web browser and goes to the Unison page. You can buy a usenet package from them if your ISP doesn’t support one. Its pretty cheap but you can get better deals.

If you click configure access you go to the main setup page. This is the button you click if you want to set up Unison (which you do).

Step 3) Enter your use net NNTP server. This is usually in the form of Check with your ISP what the address is. Optionally check with any usenet access providers if you have bought a service. Enter your username and password if needed.

If your ISP doesn’t offer usenet access a site such as Giganews is best.

Step 4) Thats it, you are set up. Very simple and easy to do. The main screen is shown below. You have your main discussion groups on the left as well as files and others. If you use the search feature in the top right you can search for a group.

All .nzb files which you can open from newzleech and yabse, will open and you can start downloading binaries right away.

Giganews NewsgroupsThis is your typical group view, your main entries are at the top with the message in the bottom. Similar to mail. Its very easy to navigate around and you will soon get the hang of working through it. As usual check through the preferences to customize the way the program works.

Its very simple to get Usenet working. Unison makes it even simpler. There is lots of power available in this app and I think I will use it more and more. If you need Usenet access then I recommend Giganews, they are a really good newsgroup provider and provide fast speedy access. They offer thousands of news groups and lots of retention. Including the alt.binaries and many newsgroups that othe providers block. With 500 days of binary retention any files that you do want to access will be there.

There is lots of information available on Usenet and working with Mac couldn’t be simpler. There are a couple of features in Unison that could be improved, however the app is great.

If you have any tips and tricks about this please leave a comment below.

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