Create Quick Animated Gif’s In Photo Booth 2


Create Quick Animated Gif’s In Photo Booth


This is a cool little trick to help you create small 4 frame animated gif’s in Photo Booth. Its great fun and great for a simple webpage or to impress your friends. All it needs is an iSight or similar web cam, and Photo Booth. I will take you the steps.

Step 1) Open Photo Booth (Applications > Photo Booth) and select the multiple images button. This is located on the left hand side and is the middle button of the three.

Step 2) Take your pictures, there will be 4 in total.

Step 3) Click on the image within the draw at the bottom. This is so the app knows which image you are exporting. You get a cool funky interface as shown below.

Step 4) Go to File > Export. Name your file and save it to the desktop. Keep it as a gif.

You now have a cool animated gif. Click the image below for a full sized animated version.

Its pretty simple and very funny although its uses are quite limited. Fun all the same. Its not a well published feature so not many people no about it.

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