Customise Your Leopard Dock 3


Customise Your Leopard Dock


If you are a bit bored of the current default dock for Leopard you can change it. This website, called Leopard Docks, is all about customizing your dock. There are hundreds of dock designs, far too many for the average user.

To change to your new dock you download the required pack for each design. Each has all the resource images inside it for you to use. The dock is actually made up of a couple of images at different sizes. You just swap them in.

To install your custom dock doesn’t take long or any fancy software. To change your dock go to.

/System/Library/Core Services/

If you can’t remember how to look inside an application check out this post here. Backup these files if you have lost them you can download a new set here. Delete these files by dragging them into the trash. Move you new files into Type the following into Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal)

killall Dock

There you go a nice new shiny dock. To revert the process back to the original do the same as a above but use the original files.

I currently have the “Glass” version downloaded and installed and it looks look. A bit of a change.

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