Deleting Big Unused Files To Save Disk Space 3


Deleting Big Unused Files To Save Disk Space


If you like your empty disk space, like me, and you don’t want to give it up, there are a couple of big folders which I have found which you can delete to save your valuable disk space. To enable me to find these files I have used GrandPerspective, it is a great tool for this job and I suggest you use it.

What GrandPerspective does is scan your entire drive picking up file sizes and representing files as small blobs. You can then navigate are these blobs finding these locations and there sizes. As a result you can find files that are large and can probably be deleted. I have a couple here that need investigating. To save some diskspace, baring in mind the medium sized blobs below are bout 2Gb in side.

A tip before you do start deleting things. Keep a backup, use Time Machine or another method. Most can be reinstalled from the OS X install disk or iWork or iLife install disk. But it is always good to have a backup.

From my hunts I have found the following big folders that can be deleted. I don’t use this programs so they can go, if you use them, keep the files. Some folders you can delete include.


These are audio loops of Garage Band. I don’t use Garage Band, so these can be deleted. That folder is 2Gb which can be a lot. Others include.


This is another 2Gb folder full of printer drivers. I have one printer, as a result delete the folders of all of the other drivers, as well as this keep the installed printer drivers file. You will need to use the install disk again to install these drivers if you ever need them.

Other folders to delete include.

/Library/Application Support/iWork 07/iWork Tour

This is a big file to help you tour iWork, I don’t use iWork and if I did I wouldn’t need the tour. Finally big files include.

/Library/iDvd Themes and /Library/iMovie Themes/

This two folders include all of the themes used on your computer when you create movies. I don’t create movies and dvd’s so I don’t need them. These are big files and if you don’t need them they can be deleted.

There may be many more files and folders on your hard drive that you don’t need. Use GrandPerspective, hunt them out and delete them as necessary. If in doubt don’t delete them.

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