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There are some really cool programs out for the Mac, thats one of the reasons I bought my MacBook Pro. I have come across a really awesome program that definitely deserves a mention. I find it really cool and is well worth the $40 price tag.

This program is called Delicious Library, from Delicious Monster, and it is all about adding your books, movies, games and music into a virtual library. A pretty boring task. But this program makes it very fun and the graphic interface is one of the best and most intuitive I have seen and used.

If you have a look at the image below you can get the jist of the general interface. You have to sections on the left, movies, books, music and games, as well as new entries and customer shelfs.

The centre is dedicated to a virtual book shelf. All of the images as well of the information is taken straight off Amazon, you get a good quality thumbnail and is at good detail in the larger formats. The titles are ordered alphabetically top to bottom, a bit like a real book shelf in a shop. The search is located at the bottom if you have hundreds of books, as well as list view if you want more of an iTunes style links. There is also many references through out the program to visit amazon to find more information.

The pane on the right is the information pane which shows a lot of information about the title you have chosen. You also use the pane area to enter new titles and other information such as loans of titles to other people.

Entering a title is very easy. You can either enter the title and search. Enter the barcode and search, this is really cool as it is the quickest and usually gets it right every time. Assuming you entered it in correctly. Entering details by hand. Finally you can use your iSight or barcode scanner. This is the best part of the program by far.

Entering a title by hand is great fun using the iSight. You open up a little video viewer as shown below and you put your title in front of it. If you get the angle and distance right it reads the barcode and finds the information back from the Amazon server. You also get a cool little beep as you would in the supermarket. You can also use a hand held barcode scanner although I don’t have one of these.

Use the iSight has two modes, these aren’t really modes but two different method for scanning titles that seem to happen to me. You either have the super fast you just have to move the barcode across the camera to scan it, you don’t even have to stop. Here you can get a pile of books done in seconds. Or, you get the super slow I don’t want to do it any more mode, where no matter how you place it, the title wont scan. This is a bit of a bug /niggle but you get the hang of scanning after a while. Usually if it wont scan it is easier to enter the barcode by hand. Every so often it fools up and scans it wrong because you are too good. Here you just delete the record and scan again.

The system can show a wide range of titles at one time by zooming out using the slider at the bottom of the middle pane. Its a really cool way of surfin’ through your records.

One of the really cool features of the program is the ability to loan a title out to some one. By adding a contact from your address book and then drag and dropping a title onto the name of the person new options come up about loaning out your titles. You can set dates of return as well as loan notes. I’m not quite sure what happens on the date of return, I assume a message comes up.

This is one of the best programs out there. I would seriously suggest you download the trial version and try it out. There are a couple of fun little features that pop up every son often, but I wont spoil them for you.
If you want to download this program head over to the Delicious Library website, which is really well designed, and download the trial version. It is great fun and is definitely one of my top 100 applications (this list is coming out Monday).

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