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Finder Sidebar Separators


The sidebar in Finder 10.5 is great, I like how it works and how it is designed. But there is one small problem that could be improved and that is separators. Separators are designed to visually split up your interface. You can usually move these about. They are a great way of simply organizing your workspace.

Currently Finder doesn’t have a way for having separators so a clever hack has to be implemented. Some clever guy has worked out that you can make a false applications, that is blank, give this application a .png image which is blank/transparent and then give the name of the application the line symbol repeated over a couple of times. Genius. This magic happens at this site.

The result of this is a clever way of separating items out in your Finder sidebar. If you look at the image it clearly breaks up the image and things look a bit more visible. There are a couple of limitations which I will explain.

In the included zip there are 7 dividing lines. Since these are technically applications, you can only add in 7 diving lines, since every time you add the same line in again it moves the existing one. This can be overcome by copying a line in the folder and inserting it that way.

To delete the line, since clicking on it brings up an error. Immediately right click on the line and select remove from sidebar, your line will then be gone.

If you want to check it out, head over to this website and find the download link at the bottom of the page. Its fun to use until an official way comes out.

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