Give More Meaning To Stacks 1


Give More Meaning To Stacks


Stacks on Leopard are great. But they could be improved ever so slightly to give them more meaning. For example on the face of it the stacks all look the same and it can be very hard to differentiate between them. Luckily some clever folk has managed to come up with a small hack to enable you to add a small images to the stacks. This then enables you to easily see which stack is which. The image below gives you an example of what I mean.

To enable you to do this is rather simple. You head over to this download page and you pick the style you want either metallic or frosted. You then download the file. Inside the disk image you have various classic apps. These are very similar to the Finder Sidebar Seperators apps, as they are blank files. These blank files are names with a space at the beginning and have had the dates on the files changed to 2010. These means that they will show up first on every list and first on the stack. I don’t no what will happen when we reach 2010, although we will have probably moved onto something else.

Its pretty simple and effective to do, they look good. Original credit goes to Optica Optica, although the English translation goes to XD. Tell me what you think. I have implemented the metal version and it is shown above.

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