Hidden Mac OS X Preference Panes 4


Hidden Mac OS X Preference Panes


This I think is a real trick that could save you some time . The aim of this trick is to install two hand preference panes in System Preferences (Applications > System Preferences). It is designed as a quick short cut to enable you to access some settings that you may need, also it is really cool to show off to your Mac friends. It is really simple to do and doesn’t involve anything complex. The two that will be installed are Archives and Disk Images, not the most used applications in the world, but cool none the less.

If you look at the image below it shows a standard view of System Preferences. This is may version and it has a couple of extras installed already, these come with other programs. You may not know but stuff like inkwell and bluetooth will only show up when they are installed so yours may still differ.

The first step is to navigate to System/Libary/Coreservices/Archive Utility.app/Contents/Resources you can read my previous post on how to look inside applications if you don’t no how. Inside you will conveniently find a preference pane. Double click this to install it.

You will be prompted if you want to install it for you or every one on your computer.

In the archives pane you will now have all of the preferences for archives on your system. This is the same page you see if you open up the application, and go to the preferences there. This is a lot easier as the original application is sometimes a lot harder to get to.

Another preference pane you can add is the Disk Images pane. Go to System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DiskImages.framwork/Versions/A/Resources find the preference pane and double click it to install it.

If done correctly (you can’t really go wrong) you will again get a lot more preferences which you can change to suit your needs.

A neat little trick even though its use is a bit limited, one to show off to your friends.

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