Install Adobe Kuler Into The Colour Palette 3


Install Adobe Kuler Into The Colour Palette


If you have ever use Colour Lovers or Adobe Kuler they are website dedicated to colour and colour palettes, great for designers or any one in need of a couple of matching colours. What some clever folk has done is make a small plugin/application that enables you to access the power of Adobe Kuler within the colour palette of Apple. For example when you want to pick a colour there is a small tab to enable you to search through the libraries. I’ll explain what I mean.

The first step is to download and install the app from Mondrianum. Its not a massive file but you will need your system admin password as it installs a couple of files into some restricted places.

Once you have installed there is a new small icon in the colour palette. If you go, for example, in Preview to Tools > Show Colors. It is availble in all of the applications that have the color palette.

When you have found the colours you want you can click on a specific tile to pick that colour, that can then be used, or you can download the Adobe Swatch File, which can be used in Photoshop. It isn’t fully complete yet so you can’t directly load the colour palettes, but this feature might be in a new release. Overall it is a good add-on.

Its a good little program and fun to play with. You can of course pick single colours out of the list. You don’t have to download the whole palette. Tell me what you think in the comments.

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