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This post is about a really cool menu bar application called iStat Menus and widget. It featured in my Top 100 Essential Mac Applications. iStat is all about giving menus which you can use to easily monitor what is happening you your computer. There very useful if you like to know exactly what is going on in you Mac.

After installing the application you will be greeted with a system preferences pane. You need to no your Admin password to enable you to install the iStat Menus.

There are hundreds of variables which you can change in the preferences for the application. You can customize and change the widget to suit your specific needs. There are hundreds of ways for you to change the look and feel, as well as the operation of the menus. You can turn them on and off as needed.

If you do end up with adding all the menus to the menu bar space will disappear quite quickly. One tip to note is that any application which has a lot of menu items, such as File, Edit etc will overlap the menu options. As a result some could become hidden.

Clicking on any of the menu applications will give you a more detailed view of the statistics. As well as this there is a small link at the bottom of the menu to get more options within a specific application. Overall it is a very well designed application as well as looking rather cool.

iStat have also released a widget to go with the series. Although it is called iStat Pro it does practically the same thing, except it is on your desktop. If you install both it becomes a bit of overkill with the statistics, as well as a memory hog. Otherwise the widget is really cool. It does take up a large amount of space on your screen. If you have a small monitor you could lose quite a bit of real estate.

This is a program that you should definitely install, I love it and think it is great. So helpful. You can find it along with many other programs at iSlayer.

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