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Move Menu Bar Items Around


This is one tip is really quite interesting. For a really long time I couldn’t for the life of me find out how to move Menu Bar items around. As a result I found the items that I wanted to use disappearing since I have so many and the ones I use tend to get hidden by applications menus such as help etc.

If you want to move items around hold Shift + Command and then click and hold on the menu item. It will then go a light grey and enable you to move items around.

If Shift + Command doesn’t work, especially on Tiger, try using just command. If that doesn’t work try smashing Ctrl, Option and Command and see what works. If you don’t have Leopard and found how to do it please leave a comment.

Another cool feature is dragging an item off the menu bar. This works exactly the same as an icon in the dock. It makes that cool whoosh sound and supporting animation, it is then gone. It is a lot quicker than finding the system preference item and removing it from there. It is however slightly annoying if you want to add it back and you can’t remember where it belongs.

The only menu items that don’t want to move are the Spotlight icon and some third party apps. If that happens you can just rearrange icons so they move along the list. Other than that you can rearrange the icons to your hearts content. Pretty cool.

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