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My Dream App


This is cool website to check out. Its called My Dream App and I can’t wait for the apps to be released. The back story for this little adventures is pretty straight forward. Some people with lots of ideas think of a cool idea for there Dream App, some are really cool. Rounds of voting commence to whittle down the ideas to three. These ideas are then made by a couple of top Mac coders.

The programs that are going to be released are; Atmosphere, a cool little application that changes you desktop weather effects depending on your current weather location; Portal, syncing files between two Macs through a high graphical worm hole interface and finally Cookbook, the ultimate cooking application.

These applications do sound really cool, the Cookbook application does sound really cool. Its feature rich and does seem like a really cool application that has lots of potential. Its like a really cookbook except its on your computer.

The second application is more of fun application that changes your desktop. It doesn’t seem to be as useful as cookbook although it would be cool to show off to your friends.

The final application, Portal, seems to be taking a lot longer to develop than the other two. Since it involves making to computers and possible applications working together it seems to be more complicated as a result there hasn’t been much news about this app. It does how ever seem very useful for any one with one or more applications and wants to easily transfer files.

I can’t wait for them to come out, they would be definitely be fun to try out. I wish I new about this, I would have submitted my ideas to the fray.

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