Preview Image Resize Bug 2


Preview Image Resize Bug


I came across this really funny bug within Preview. Basically I was trying to resize a 128 x 128 pixel png with transparency down to 75 pixels square. This was done through Tools > Adjust Size within Preview. The problem that arose was the final image being 904,074.7 TB in size. Thats Terrabytes. The next step up from Gigabytes. I did manage to get is up to 1 exabyte but I can’t remember how exactly I did it. That size by the way is probably all the information on every computer in world. Its massive.

Do this this little trick which must have involved dividing by zero some where. Take the image below. Its orginially from Skitch, I can’t remember why I had it one my computer. While in preview go to Tools > Adjust Size, and enter pretty much any number you want. It will suddenly increase in size. You can’t press OK or save it (who has that much disk space).

Its a pretty fun little trick even though it was annoying since I couldn’t resize my image. I think there is a line of code which conflicts with something in the image. Its strange. From what I have found it only happens on that image. As a result it is probably due to how the file is saved. Anyway if you find any more bugs or “features” of the operating system let me know and I will post them up here.

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