Slow Down Exposè, Spaces And The Dashboard 3


Slow Down Exposè, Spaces And The Dashboard


If you think Exposè, Space and Dashboard run to fast and you want to slow them down a bit, there is a keyboard shortcut to enable you to make them appear and disappear a lot slower. By pressing the shift key plus the respective keyboard shortcut, F8 for Spaces, F9 10 and 11 for Exposè and F12 for the Dashboard they will appear and disappear a lot slower.

This does have a couple of uses. For example if you are running a piece of software to grab the contents of your screen slowing down the speed at which they appear and disappear is very useful. You will be able to see the animation effects clearer and as a result the audience of your video will be able to understand what is happening.

Other than videos this short cuts doesn’t really have any other uses, other than annoying your self. Once it has begun it doesn’t speed up back to normal until the animation is complete. You have been warned.

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