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smcFanControl – Control Your Fans


My Mac runs hot, its a MacBook Pro, and it can cook eggs when its pushing out the CPU cycles on a big Photoshop job or video edit. As a result I do get a bit concerned about its temperature. Using iStat Menus in my menu bar I have seen the temperature run up to 70 degrees Celsius before the fans begin to start kicking in from there idle speed. Idle speed, by the way, is the normal speed the fans are running at when your computer is doing nothing. At 70 degrees this surely isn’t right. But since I haven’t seen any melted laptops yet it must be ok but still concerning.

To counter this problem there is a cool application called smcFanControl, its a very boring name, but it is a very good program for quickly altering the fan speed if you want to push out some extra cooling.

smcFanControl runs in the menu bar. You can make a preset for any fan speed you want. For example if you want to make a setting that pushes the fans to the max you move the sliders all the way up to the highest they can go. You then save this present and you a ready to run at this speed whenever the challenge arises. Upon needing the cooling you just select the preset from the menu, wait a couple of seconds for them to kick in and you are ready to go.

You can make as many settings as you want for different tasks. If you have used your Mac for a while you can work out what speeds are needed for different things, as a result you can change them as needed and keep you Mac cooler. There was another way to do this, but it involved editing .ktext files which could be very dangerous.

Its a good little application. It doesn’t yet have any way of automatically applying your defaults but it is definitely a start if you are heat conscious. I use it semi regularly. A word of advice, although your fans are designed to run at full speed there could be a chance of damage if left on at full speed for prolonged periods. Especially for laptops. Now and again would not hurt.

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