Spore 2 Released Date Announced 1


Spore 2 Released Date Announced


One of the coolest games that is going to be released this year has just announced its retail date. This game is Spore and its available for Mac, which makes the game extra cool. The release date is September 7th. So it is quite a while away but it is nearly in reach.

From the mind of Will Wright, the guy who brought you The Sims, Spore is all about giving you control of a multi-cell species which you can evolve and control. There are various stages such as Tidal Pool phase where you can control right down to the single cell. Survival of the fittest at microscopic level. You then move on the the Creature Phase, here you can control the animal, move onto land. Slowly but surely you move onto Tribal, Civilization and Space Phase were you control move and more creatures and battle them out. The game is single player but uses the internet to communicate with the central database for objects and other creatures and species.

The game sounds great fun, its open ended and unlimited in what you can do. September 8th will also be known as the day I lost communication with real people.

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