Static On MacBooks – Wireless Problems? 10


Static On MacBooks – Wireless Problems?


This is a bit on an unconfirmed rumor on my part but I would like to post about and see what your feedback on the problem is. In a nutshell I have found on my MacBook Pro there seems to be a build up of static electricity. This is obviously present, since rubbing my hand over certain parts of the body I can feel a small electric charge discharging. This is only a minor discharge but it is still a build up of static electricity, good job I don’t have a heart condition.

Now this static electricity is a bit alarming. I am not moving my Mac about, it is plugged in and being used. This build up must be caused by something, this isn’t the point of this post but there is a couple of downsides, the main problem is wireless connectivity being reduced and lost randomly during certain parts of the day. I have checked against other factors and this seems to only occur on my computer.

The solution to this little static electricity problem, is pretty simple. Discharge the electrical build up. This is most easily done by using your hand, but there is one certain place that seems to directly effect the wireless quality. This location is at the top of the screen.

If you are not sure of the anatomy of a MacBook Pro, the wireless aerial is at the top of the screen, behind the iSight. A quick rub along the top with you hand seems to immediately increase the wireless power of the laptop. The signal power returns to full strength.

Now this is an unconfirmed trick, but it magically does the trick. It could just be coincidence. Anyway a quick rub over seems to remove the static electricity on the body and return the laptop back to neutral charge. Try it see what happens. I would like to see your comments below. It is a bit of speculation on my part.

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