Todos – Find Every Application 5


Todos – Find Every Application


As your Macintosh gets used and grows in size with applications you will find it quite hard to keep track of all of them in a simple to use way. What Todos does is provide you a simple interface from the menu bar that shows every single applications installed on you computer in a clear palette which you can then use to open any application you want.

You can modify the list of sources in which it finds applications so if you have an external drive you can add them to the list. The idea behind this is a simple way to view and open all of your applications. It helps if you find Finder difficult or have applications spread around your hard drive.

It is simple and free to install and can run off a hot key to enable you to quickly open the list. Give it a try and see what you think. I enjoy using it as it is a simple way to be productive.

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