An Ultimate List Of Quicklook Plugins 13


An Ultimate List Of Quicklook Plugins


In my previous post I mentioned about Quicklook plugins. It got me interested into how many plugins there are and what ones you can get. As a result I have looked all over the web for some the best Quicklook plugins. These are designed for nearly every file time imaginable. Some of them are really cool and should probably be included with the system, some are more unique and are for special groups of users who use specific files. There are 20 plugins in total. Arranged in alphabetical order, all of the links will take you to the download page. Most are free although there are a couple that you have to pay for. Clicking on any of the images will give you the full size version if you want to take a closer look. If I have missed off any please leave a comment. As a side note, usually all Quicklook plugins will enable the same features in coverflow.

To install a Quicklook plugin drag the .qlgenerator file into /Library/Quicklook or into username/Library/Quicklook. This will either install it system wide or only for your account. If the folder isn’t available create one. Quicklook will then automatically install and use the plugin. This may take some time as it uses a cache basis for running the system. If you don’t want to want you can either restart or open up Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal) and type in qlmanage -r. This will reset the generators and you are ready to go.

1) Brainsight

I haven’t used this quicklook pluing but it offers the ability to view files used in brain scans and the sort. It supports file formats which include dcm, mnc and img format. A very niche market and you may not need this plugin.

2) ColorXML Quicklook

A Quicklook plugin to show you the contents of xml files with indentations and syntax highlighting. The default install of Leopard doesn’t offer such features as a result this is great for anyone who uses xml files a lot.

3) EPSQLPlugIn EPS Viewer

This is one for any graphic designers out there that use a lot of .eps files. This Quicklook plugin is great as it gives you a quick look of any eps file.

4) Flash Video Viewer

Although the site is in Chinese or Japanese this quicklook plugin is used to quicklook Flash files and videos.

5) Folder Viewer

One of the best Quicklook plugins there is. This plugin offers the ability to view the contents of any folder, including all of the files. If you are going to download and install a plugin this is the one your should use. It is the equivalent of opening a new folder in Finder except it is a lot quicker and easier. It is written by the same guy how did the Flash plugin (number 4) so you may have a little trouble navigating the page.

6) HetimaClipping

This is Quick Look plugin for text clipping files (.textClipping) and picture clipping files (.pictClipping). I don’t use this application so I can’t comment on it usefulness.

7) QLEnscript

This plugin renders coloured output code for the following languages, Objective-C/C++, C/C++, Perl, Python, Java, Shell scripts, Assembly language.

8) SCR File Viewer

Another niche Quicklook Plugin that renders standard Spectrum SCR files, and also the enhanced Timex modes.

9) SneakPeekPro

One of the more professional sites and product. This plugin (which is $15) enables you to render in Quicklook, Illustrator .ai files, as well as InDesign, EPS and Flash files. It is one plugin that can do many things. If you are willing to pay the price it is a good product.

10) Textmate Integration

This is a pretty standard plugin that enables intergration within Textmate. The landing page sounds a bit complicated for me, but any one that has used Textmate and wants the functionality of Textmate this is one to install.

11) Zip File Viewer

Another amazing plugin, this one offer the ability to look inside zip folders ands view its contents. It is in the same style as the folder plugin, it is written by the same person. It includes the folder structure and all the the files contained in the zip. Very useful if you have hundreds of zips and you want to know what is inside them, as well as inspecting files you have downloaded on the internet.

12) Apple Scripts

This is another plugin for programmers and coders. It again takes the code, this time Apple Script, and outputs it in tabbed and colour syntax. It very similar to QLEnscript, except it is for Apple Script.

13) C64 Images

Another niche product that enables you to view many file types not supported on the default system. These include Koala (.koa, MultiColor), Koala (.gg, compressed, MultiColor), Amica Paint (.ami, compressed, MultiColor), FLI Designer (.fli, MultiColor, FLI), Drazlace V1 (.drl, MultiColor, Interlaced), Fun Painter 2 (.fp2, un-&compressed, MultiColor, FLI, Interlaced), Hi-Eddi (.hed, Hires), Image System Hires (.ish, Hires), OCP Art Studio V2 (.ocp, Hires), AFLI-Editor (.afli, Hires, FLI).

14) CHM Files

If you have ever downloaded .chm files, which are also know as complied HTML files, you can’t view them in Quicklook, this plugin enables you to do this with the greatest of ease.

15) iContainers with Candy Bar

This is not actually a default Quicklook plugin, but for any one who has downloaded and installed Candy Bar for changing and modifying your operating system this plugin offers the ability to look into iContainers.

16) Suspicious Packages

Suspicious packages is a Quicklook plugin for previewing the standard Apple installer packager with out launching the installer. You have the option for delving deeper into the package through the use of flippy triangles.

17) JEF Files

If anyone uses a Janome Embroidery Machines for patterns they come with a .jef extension. This plugin enables these formats the be rendered like pictures within Quicklook.

18) QLColor Code

Another syntax highlighter but this version has support for Tcl, Lua, and JSP. Compare and contrast this plugin with the other ones mentioned.

19) QuarkXPress

If you use any Quark files files, this plugin renders these files perfectly. It is distributed by the Quark team so it is a perfect match.

20) Shade 3D Scene

Although this site is in Japanese, this plugin will enable you to render any Shade 3D scenes in Quicklook. Like most of these plugins you just need to find the right plugin for the job.

If anyone has any more Quicklook plugins that they wish to add to the list please leave a comment below. You can also use this for your comments and suggestions. All in all, this isn’t a very interesting post on the face of it since most plugins are designed to render one file. Hopefully in the later updates Apple will release more support for more file formats.

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