Use Your Wii Remote On Your Mac 2


Use Your Wii Remote On Your Mac


The Wii is one of the coolest gaming consoles around. I just love the concept and games on it. So what is better than paring your Wiimote with your Mac. Its doesn’t take long and the results are really fun.

To pair your Wiimote head over to Remote Buddy and download the software. There is a free trial for 15 days. As well as this the final version doesn’t cost the earth, only 20 euros. Anyway once you have downloaded and installed the software your are ready to go. It may take a little way and ask you to install a couple of extra drivers.

Installing your Wiimote is pretty easy. One major tip to consider is to switch on Bluetooth first, I wondered for ages before I realized it wasn’t on. You need this one to make you mote work. Your have two options to get the remote paired. Either go through the Remote Buddy > Setup Wizard or Setup Bluetooth Device from the drop down menu in the menu bar. I had to go through the second option and then finish the installation through Remote Buddy. If you do get stuck check out the FAQ it helps out a lot.

Once paired you are ready to go. All the buttons are activated and you can assign commands and task to each one and in each applications. From the image below you can bring up behaviors and then scroll to the one you need. For example it also works really well in Front Row for navigating though and Firefox for simple point and click.

You can use the remote as a virtual pointer. Although you need to have an Infrared Source (IR) set up (such as the bar) so the remote can pick up a signal. I didn’t have mine handly so I couldn’t fully test this feature out. But you can use it for pointing a clicking (+ and – button) and bring up a keyboard (2). You can go hands free. The keyboard below looks a lot like the one off an iPhone/iTouch and works just as well.

I think you can pair as many remotes as you want. The only limitations are your hands for holding them and bluetooth bandwidth for communicating with them. Other than that you can go crazy. There are hundreds of customizable features within the preferences and you could spend all day sorting them out. The best advice is to just play. Press the buttons see what happens and then change the key commands around when you find something better. Remote Buddy can also pair iPhones and other receivers as well. Pretty Cool.

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