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Easily Access Time Machine In Finder 4

Time Machine

Easily Access Time Machine In Finder

Time Machine is a great little tool for backing up files and folders. Although it is not the most powerful backup tool in the world it is certainly good for the average user. The problem with this is that it is in not in the most useful place to use, that is the dock. Thankfully there is a way to make this easier.

Automatically Set Subfolders Permissions 12


Automatically Set Subfolders Permissions

Sometimes you may want to change the permissions of subfolder and all of there files. This could be down to the simple need to enable them to be read only for part of a server network or in my case allowing files and subfolders and files to be read and write for website development. Its took me a while to figure out how to do this, and it is blindingly obvious.

iTunes Visualizers 7


iTunes Visualizers

If you have ever installed the developer tools you will get a whole new range of tools and programs for you use. As well as this you will also get lots of examples. It is not known that the installion (full) also installs some hidden example in other places on your computer. If you go to /Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins in Finder you can find extra visualizations. These are installed with developer tools.

Control iTunes From The Menu Bar 3


Control iTunes From The Menu Bar

As the name generally implies this little app is designed to quick switch the the next, previous or pause the current track. As well as this yo can also find more information. By installing the application and setting it to load on log in, you can access all of these features. Its simple to use and take a lot of the pain out of switching tracks when that annoying tune comes on. You can by clicking the drop down button get a lot more information that you would normally find in iTunes. You can, for the most part, close iTunes window and run it through the menu bar.

Moving Around In Finder 0


Moving Around In Finder

Did you know that if you press enter on any Finder entry it will enable you to edit the name of that file or folder. Pretty neat if you want a way to rename stuff quickly, but not very useful if you want to open the file or folder in question. After some keyboard bashing I have found some quick keyboard shortcuts to enable you to move around in Finder quicker and easier.

Quartz Tutorial: Video Image Distortion 4


Quartz Tutorial: Video Image Distortion

Continuing on with Quartz Composition I am going introduce a couple more patches for you to play around with. If you haven’t already, I suggest you check out the Introduction and Image Reflection, both of these are a good complement to this tutorial. This tutorial today will go through the method of pulling a live video through an iSight camera and then letting you apply some funky effects to it. I will explain in detail what each of the patches will mean and what they do. As always you can download the source if you get stuck, or don’t want to follow the tutorial. We will create something like the image below.

Inquisitor – Spotlight For The Web 2


Inquisitor – Spotlight For The Web

This is a little software plugin for Safari that enables you to improve the way you search. As the tag line of the application says it is like spotlight for the web. It gives you a bit more functionality such as refined searches with small descriptions, as well as this it also looks really cool.

Scrivener – Organise Your Writing 1


Scrivener – Organise Your Writing

People write a lot. As a result people end up with hundreds of files organized in a haphazard way, with not a lot of meaning to them. As well as this you can end up with really long files that if you want to modify in the slightest way take an age to update. Thats why Scrivener was made.

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