Big List Of Apple Short Cuts 2


Big List Of Apple Short Cuts


A lot of posts are about shortcuts. Quick methods for getting things done. Anyway there isn’t a place on your Mac or on the internet that offers every shortcut and a good explanation. Anyway I have been doing a bit of digging and have found a couple of sites that list a lot of shortcuts for you to use, its not perfect but it does help.

The first site is the official Mac OS X site. Put together by Apple it shows all of the shortcuts that you can use. Its a pretty definitive list. There are hundreds on there for you to use and view.

The next site is one of my favorites. Titled Dan Rodney Mac Central, it offers a few more shortcuts that are not found on the official site. As well as this it also has a better interface as well as symbols showing what each of the symbols on your keyboard look like. For example command, option etc. It also has collapsible panes to reduce screen space.

The final place to find shortcuts is not a website but a preference pane within your system preferences. If you open system preferences up, click on keyboard & mouse and finally keyboard shortcuts. It isn’t as in depth as the other two sites, although it can show you a couple. As well as this it also enables you to enable or disable most main shortcuts on your system. You can also make your own.

If you know of any other places to find keyboard shortcuts please leave a comment below. In the mean time I am going to read up and see if I can increase my productivity.

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