Calibrating Your MacBook Battery 43


Calibrating Your MacBook Battery


MacBook laptop batteries die. Until we find a battery material that can keep its capacity for the length of its life we will have to do with getting the most out of out Lithium ion friends. You will probably know that over time Lithium and its chemical friends slowly but surely lose there hold on the electron world and reduce in the amount of electrical capacity they hold. I don’t no the in’s and out’s but I know its not that good. That is where battery calibration comes in. Calibration helps your battery stay in tip top shape and will hopefully keep its charge longer.

Calibration is easy. It only takes a couple of steps done in the right order (more difficult than it sounds).

1) Charge your battery all the way up. Kind of obvious. You want to get your battery to its peak.

2) Keep your battery charged at full for a couple of hours. Usually by keeping it plugged in. This is so it knows what full charge is like.

3) Use your computer until it runs down. Take it out of a binary jog, get those CPU cycles working. I recommend just using it normally and nothing to intensive.

4) Remember to save your work before it goes to sleep. Vital step, forgot to do this before mine died.

5) Turn your computer off or left it sleep for 5 hours or longer. After a hard day of computering it needs its rest, wouldn’t you.

6) Reconnect the battery and charge er’ all the way up.

7) Repeat once or every couple of months. Or in my case every day because I don’t bring my power adapter with me. Do this with other batteries if you have bought some.

Although calibrating your battery is a bit boring it is a very good way to keep it in tip top shape. I think the internals work out how much time over CPU it has used for a given battery. As a result it can adjust how it works. All I know is that it improves performance. Currently (and this makes me sad) I have had 109 charges for a 66% battery health, lasting approximately under 2 hours with normal to semi intensive work. You can find out your battery health through my favourite widget iStat menus. If you feel inclined, leave a comment below with your battery stats and we can see how the MacBook batteries are slowly leading to their battery grave.

If you are looking for a new battery since you old one has got to a point it has become worthless, I recommend looking on Amazon, they usually have some great deals if you look hard enough. Most of the time they are cheaper than an Apple Store.

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