Changing The Volume More Accurately 5


Changing The Volume More Accurately


If you have an Apple keyboard, you can change the volume through the function keys. This is pretty normal usually through Fn + F3-5. But did you know that you can change the volume even more accurately. After looking though a list of shortcuts I have found how you can do this. Its not the most useful trick in the world, but cool none the less.

You can change the volume by pressing Option + Shift + Fn + F4 or F5. This combination (Option + Shift) will increase or decrease the volume by a quarter of a square. This means that you can have even more precise control on how loud or quite the volume is. In reality you don’t need it that precise.

You better applicate the image above, it took me ages to take. I needed to press and hold shift + option +fn + f5, while holding the mouse. I was at one point running out of fingers. That brown hairy stuff at the top of the image is dust from a universe, in case you were wondering. In the mean time I am going to continue hunting for useful shortcuts, I hope you enjoy or precise volume control.

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