Control iTunes From The Menu Bar 3


Control iTunes From The Menu Bar


I like listening to music while I work, but it can be a problem to quickly switch to the next track. You could use Quicksilver, use the dashboard widget or switch to the application. There is a better way and this is through the use of a menu bar item called You Control Tunes.

As the name generally implies this little app is designed to quick switch the the next, previous or pause the current track. As well as this yo can also find more information. By installing the application and setting it to load on log in, you can access all of these features. Its simple to use and take a lot of the pain out of switching tracks when that annoying tune comes on. You can by clicking the drop down button get a lot more information that you would normally find in iTunes. You can, for the most part, close iTunes window and run it through the menu bar.

It also has a couple of other cool features. By taking advantage of the growl framework, every time a new song is displayed it will display a small pop-up with the current track depending on the settings you give. From the image below you can see my taste of rock for those power blogging sessions. The only grip I have with the growl pop ups, is that they can get a bit annoying after a while, especially if you are working in the corner that they pop up.

A good simple program that I can’t recommend enough for people who use iTunes and want that extra bit of functionality. If you have any ideas or comments about good iTunes plugins please leave me a comment or send over an email.

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