Inserting Ellipsis And Their Uses 2


Inserting Ellipsis And Their Uses


Did you know that on many menu items within Mac OS X there are three dots (…) called ellipsis. Ellipsis are very illusive and can be extremely confusing if you find something isn’t working and you haven’t got a clue why. The problem is down to ellipsis.

Most of the time on menu every time you see three dots this will be an ellipse. An example of this is File > Find… . The three dots are ellipses. To insert them all you have to press is Option + ; and you are done. Instead of three dots (…) the ellipsis will be there instead (…) on the surface there isn’t a lot of difference but at a system events level they are two completely different things. If you look very closely there is a minute difference.

Say for example you are making an Apple Script or Automator action that is accessing a menu option. This is usually done through click menu item "Go To..." of menu bar item "Edit" of menu bar 1 of application process "Excel". This is an example in Excel that I was working on previously. Normally it would fail in the first part of the string. It is looking for an ellipsis and not three full stops.

Anyway if in doubt try using an ellipse instead. It is also quicker than adding in three fullstops if you are writing a story, they are especially good for adding mystery or when you don’t no what to write next. I will have a new story soon…

Update: Spelling errors fixed.

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