Inserting The Date & Time 2


Inserting The Date & Time


In most applications (except Word) there isn’t a quick and easy way to insert the date and time. This can for the most part be slightly annoying. But there is a very simple and easy solution. Using a Services plugin you can enable a couple of options to quickly insert the date and time in any Carbon application. For example TextEdit, Mail, Safari etc.

The Services menu is the very useful menu. Its found under the App Name > Services. Its a collection of very useful small commands that enable you to do a whole list of things. And there is one to add to the list, this is WordService. It enables you to quickly add Long Date, Long Date & Time, Short Date, Short Date & Time and finally Time.

Once as you download the .zip file. Its found from the link above or here. You can install it. Installation is very simple. Once as you extract the file insert it into Users > [User] > Library > Services. Most of the time the services menu is not in the Library folder. If not just create a new folder and you are ready to drag and drop. To finish either restart your computer or Log Off and back on again.

As well as there are whole load of other options that are included. Check it out. Its free. If you want to check out the release notes they are found here. Have a fiddle about with it see what happens. If you want to install it just remove the .services file from the services menu. I will be covering the Services more and more in the next couple of weeks as a sort of mini series.

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