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Continuing on from yesterdays post I have found some rather cool iTunes visualizers that can make your iTunes visualizations standout. By installing a quick bundle in the right place is all that is needed.

If you have ever installed the developer tools you will get a whole new range of tools and programs for you use. As well as this you will also get lots of examples. It is not known that the installion (full) also installs some hidden example in other places on your computer. If you go to /Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins in Finder you can find extra visualizations. These are installed with developer tools. If you don’t want to install the developer tools you can download the package here.

One ofthe visualizations that out ranks the built in to iTunes is Jelly, as shown in the screenshot below it is a high energy composition that moves in tune with the music, it is great, really colourful and fun to view. This should be installed automatically if you put in the .bundle provided place (/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins). Sometimes this way not work so you have to install the extra quartz composer files, these are include in the .zip and should be placed into /System/Library/Compositions, its a bit complicated but the results are very cool.

Another iTunes vizualizer that should be noted is iVisualize. Its another visualizer package that enables some really funky 3D views, again all done in Quartz. Installing this package is easy you just have to follow the instructions given.

Very cool. Definitely better than the built in version and look fantastic full screen. Download them and tell me what you think. I personally like the Jelly version from the Quartz examples package. If you run into any error please leave a comment below.

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