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Lets face it. Mac OS X calculator app isn’t the best in the world. It has some neat features, but for serious mathematician and programmers you could do with something a bit more powerful and complex. This is where Magic Number Machine comes in. Its a free piece of software (with source code) than has some really neat tricks up its sleeve to help you work out any of your calculations.

Designed around the large graphical white bar at the top that serves as the main area for doing work you can accomplish some very quick and easy math. It does take a little bit of getting use to, but most of the buttons are there that you would find on a normal scientific calculator. As a tip if you want to get the fraction dividing line, you have to put your top function in brackets and then press the dividing key, this will then automatically generate your line for you. Most of the keys on screen are mapped to the keyboard, as well as this the option and shift modifier keys enables most of the functions to be done quick and easily. From the site, and as a short summary it offers:

  • 25 accurate digits of precision
  • Complex numbers
  • Hexdecimal, octal, binary, decimal and 2’s complement display.
  • Floating point numbers, even in non-decimal radices.
  • A full expression history (go back to anything)
  • A graphical display that you can click on to change the entry point
  • Value memory limited only by computer memory.
  • Statistics functions
  • Linear regression
  • Matrix functions including gaussian elimination, inversion and determinants.
  • Large number of scientific constants built-in.

A very good little application that should replace Apples calculator app any day. It can also calculate from base 2 (binary) all the way up to base 64 hex, which is very cool. Like I always say, try the app out, see how it fits your needs. This one is a keeper in my books. If you know of any other maths calculators or programs please leave a comment below.

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