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Mail Folder Tips


Mail is a great program. But the problem is after a while you can clutter it up with a lot of emails and RSS feeds. This tip today will be about creating folders, both smart and normal to enable you to organise your life a bit better. For a new user it is not as easy as you would think.

Most people would organise email addresses through folders. In Mail they are not called Folders they are called Mailboxes. You can make a new mail box by either pressing the plus in the bottom of the sidebar or from Mailbox > New Mailbox.

This will then bring up the following pane. This first tip will be about condensing RSS feeds into smaller folders. This can also be done with emails. It is the same principle. Once as the pane comes up you first need to select a location. The locations are from the drop down list. You need to pick the right area for your folder to go in. If you put it in the wrong place, you can drag and drop to move them about in the sidebar.

Once as you make all the folders you need you can then drag and drop the feeds or emails you need into the required folders. You can make something messy and unorganized.

Into something more simple and easy to manage.

You can also make smart mailboxes. I like to think these more like filters. You can set specific rules depending on what you want and need. For example some of the example I use include filtering by email addresses.

Unread messages. This is very useful if you have hundreds of emails in your inbox that are unread and you don’t want to go looking though them all to find the ones you haven’t read.

Finally you can also build up filters by adding more than one at the time. You can specify if you want all of the rules to met at once or any of them. Of course you can pick and change to meet your needs.

Mail is really powerful. You can add more smart mailboxes to really take control of your messages. If you know of any more tips and tricks please leave a comment below.

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