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Monitor Your Network Connections


Network work security is getting more and more important for the security of any computer. Did you know that many applications dial home. Most of the time these isn’t a problem but you may want to keep an eye on what is happening. The solution to this is to monitor your internet connections using Little Snitch.

Little Snitch is a wonderful program. The basic idea behind it is simple. Every time an application wants to connect to the internet Little Snitch will pop up telling you what is happening. You can then decide to block the application or let it through. This means that you can monitor what is happening. As well as potentially block any unscrupulous applications.

Its a very powerful applications that enables you to monitor connections in real time through the use of a little popup. This is probably one of the best features since it enables you to quickly find out what is taking up all of your network resources. Many times I have wondered why my network is being used with no visible reason. As well as this it also enables you to set up various filters so you can automatically set up different applications privileges.

Like with many of the applications mentioned on this site I recommend you download and give it a try. There is a free demo to let you try the application out. The final price of the app is $24.95 which is a real bargain.

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