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Moving Around In Finder


Did you know that if you press enter on any Finder entry it will enable you to edit the name of that file or folder. Pretty neat if you want a way to rename stuff quickly, but not very useful if you want to open the file or folder in question. After some keyboard bashing I have found some quick keyboard shortcuts to enable you to move around in Finder quicker and easier.

The first tips is to open folders. This is done through Command + The Down Arrow. If you are in list view or thumbnail view this will open the file or folder that you have selected. A bit of a weird shortcut to open a folder or file, but that is one you can use.

The second tip is to move up in a folder hierarchy. This is done through press Command + The Up Arrow. Using the two mentioned key shortcuts up can quickly move up and down the folder menus. This works in both list and thumbnail view. If you press the left or right arrow while you are in the list view you can open and collapse the sub folder. If you are in column view and want to open a folder and move into it you can press the left or right arrow.

As a final tip, if you have a long list of items and you don’t want to scroll or click the down button you can press Option + Up or Down, to move to the top or bottom of the list. This only works in list view and it will put you to either the first or last menu item.

Hopefully with this quick tips you can now open up Finder items with out reaching for the mouse. I will now use this command even if it is a bit cumbersome.

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