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Must Have Automator Actions


I have become fascinated with Automator, it is so powerful yet so simple. As a result if a bit of searching I have found a really good Automator action that you should install to aid with any workflows that you are creating.

Anyway I have found a really good Action which you can install into Automator to give your workflows a little extra punch. If you head over to Automated Workflows you can download the small app to install your actions. Installing doesn’t take long and there is a little app that puts the action in the correct folder. There is a little niggle that hides all your applications, which was weird at first.

There are two action which you can install. Get clipboard contents, which gets your clipboard, pretty normal. And Type Keystroke which is very powerful. Normally to insert a keystroke you would have to add an Apple Script and then type keystroke command + v. This example would paste the text into what ever you are working on. The problem with this that it doesn’t always work. Every so often one would fail. This is where the action comes in. It has, so far worked every time.

If you want another method to press a key in Automator or Apple Script you can use keycodes command. This is slightly more complicated but enables you to press any key on the keyboard. This sometimes can’t be done using the above two methods. Key codes are the numeric values your system gives to every key press. As a result you can use it to press any key you want. If you want to use this command you have to type the following. This example is for pressing enter.

tell application "System Events"
key code 36
end tell

It is a little more complicated, you have to add it through an Apple Script in your workflow, but is a bit more powerful. You can with this little tip to press any key short cut in your Automator workflow. The download, has for me, been a great help.

If you have any other tips for Automator or Apple Script leave them below. I would love to hear them. This post, by the way, is the second time I have written it. The first disappeared much to great annoyance. As a result some people on email may not get it to tomorrow.

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