Programmers: Automatically Update Your Apps 3


Programmers: Automatically Update Your Apps


I have begun to dabble in the world of Apple programming. After starting on Apple Script and slowly getting hooked I have begun to get more adventurous. I the mean time I have found a really good application framework, that for programmers, can enable you to automatically update your programs on peoples computers.

This frame work is called Sparkle, and is designed as a plugin framework that can enable you to update your applications. It doesn’t technically update the app, but it does look for updated versions, downloads them, extracts the files and installs the update automatically, it can also display any release notes. Its really simple to install, you just download the files, step up a couple of references and you are ready to go, all of the instructions are found on the site.

It is a really neat framework that can take a lot of the pain away from keep your users applications up to date. Its full of customisable features that enables you to fine tune your user experience. It is also used by hundreds of developers already, including Adium, Colloquy, Vienna, Virtue, and SubEthaEdit. Definitely worth a look into.

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