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Quickly Close Widgets


I use widgets a lot. Mostly for stickies, my dashboard is full of them. It can be a pain to close a widget you want. You have to click the plus symbol in the bottom left, and then click the close symbol on any widget you want, and then close the widgets bar at the bottom. This of course is very long winded and could be shortened. There is, of course, a quick shortcut.

By pressing the option key and having your mouse over any widget, the close button will automatically appear. This is a real time saver. If you, like me, open and close a lot of widgets during the day, closing them can take a real long time. This shortcut helps out.

As an extra tip, if you hold the shift key while clicking the close button, you will get the closing effect in real slow motion. This really doesn’t help out with anything, unless you are making a video or have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and want the world to slow down just a little bit. (If you have ADD you may not it to speed up. I need to pick my comparisons better).

If you know of any more dashboard tips please leave a comment. Until the next tip, goodbye.

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