Quickly De-clutter Your Screen 1


Quickly De-clutter Your Screen


My screen gets full very quickly, its the way the Mac operating system works. But the problem with this is that your screen can get cluttered up very quickly. The solution to this is to use the Hide function within the menu bar. This function hides either the application you are using or every other application.

To use this little trick if have to click on the application name in the menu bar and then select the option you want. Hide [App Name] will hide the application you are using. Hide [Others] will hide everything else. This is very useful if you need to clear out your screen to focus on the work you are using.

If you want an application that is hidden back, you can either Command + Tab to the application, right click on its icon in the dock and click show, or click Show All within any application name in the menu bar. This enables you to easily show or hide applications and speed up your productivity.

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