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Scrivener – Organise Your Writing


People write a lot. As a result people end up with hundreds of files organized in a haphazard way, with not a lot of meaning to them. As well as this you can end up with really long files that if you want to modify in the slightest way take an age to update. Thats why Scrivener was made.

Imagine this scenario if you will. You have 1000 music files all organized in seperate folders. Each album is a folder and within that folder each piece of music is a seperate file. Nothing out of the ordinary. But to play the music you have to open up each music file by hand to listen to its contents. A bit of a pain. That is where iTunes comes in. Now imagine that scenario but with text documents. It is a real hassle in organizing your work so you can quickly view a document and organise a project in a way that is simple to use.

Scrivener takes the hassle out of this project management and is now one of my favourite tools for writing an organizing text documents. It is different to any application that I have seen in that it is so simple to use. It focuses you on your writing and not on the way things work and look within the document. I will briefly explain all of the main features, although if you want a better understanding I suggest you take a look at the tutorial video.

The idea behind Scrivener is that you organise all of your text documents into small manageable chunks and then compile it at the end (which I have yet to try). No more do you have an entire book in one document. You split it up into chapters, and then these chapters (which you can make into folders) you can split up again. It gives you a lot of control in the way things work and are used. You have to worry about how long it will take to update your document if you delete a paragraph from page 4 out of 1000. As well as this it is so easy to move stuff around. If you have used Word or any similar application moving a chapter or a large piece of text would be a pain, as you would have to select the text you want, copy it to the clipboard, find where you want to paste it, and then tidy up the way it looks. It is even worse if you have to do these between documents.

It is very simple to use and has taken many features from other applications. You can tag files within your project, give labels, statuses and many other things to enable you to keep track of everything. You can import previous files in other formats to enable you to work quickly and easily in this new program. It also has the ability to view your project through the cork board. Although a little fun, it is useful to see how things are laid out overall. You have can quickly view what status things are at and move them around.

Another cool feature is the snapshot button. It enables you to take a snapshot of the document you are working on and save it for later. This then enables you to restore it at a later date if you change your mind. An improvement on this part would be to integrate it into time machine. Although there method works very well.

It is a good program that is worth the $39.95 asking price, you can get discounts if you are a bulk buyer or educational buyer. As I always say, download it, see what you think. This is a keeper for me (like nearly all programs) and I will be buying a license in the near future when the demo runs out.

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