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Secrets Preference Pane


Quite a while ago I mentioned my Top 50 Terminal Commands. These were terminal commands that enabled you to access “hidden” features of the operating system. I reality they are not hidden, they are not on any preference pane. This is where the Secrets Preference Pane comes in. It includes hundreds of commands that enable you to find hidden settings at the click of a button. It is similar to working with Terminal except everything is organized in pleasant to view lists and drop down boxes for your convenience.

If you head over to website you will be able to view a splash page and enable you to download the pane. Its a simple installation, download, extract double click on the pane, insert password, done. There are of course the usual warnings of it may harm your system etc so use at your own risk. Most effects will take effect next time your start the application or operating system.

I have seen most of these secrets before, but there are a couple of new ones which I have implemented. I suggest you take a look at it. It doesn’t take long to install and you could open up a whole new list of secrets which you can show off.

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