Uninstalling Preference Panes and Screen Savers 0


Uninstalling Preference Panes and Screen Savers


This is a quick tip to enable you to remove both screen savers and system preference panes from your system. It is not strictly an uninstallation, but it can move them to the trash, or hide them from view. Its a simple method that I didn’t know about until I started messing about inside the preference panes.

Screen Savers

Screen savers are really easy to remove from your system. Simply open up the Screen Savers preference. Right click on the one you want to remove and select Move To Trash. It is then gone from the list. You can alternatively view it in Finder and remove it from there. You can’t use this method to remove system screen savers, just custom ones.

Preference Panes

Preference panes are removed in a similar way. You simply right click on the system pane you want to remove and select remove. This once again, only works with custom panes. But if you found you have cluttered up your preferences windows and you want to remove them this is the way to go. You will have to type your password to complete the step.

It is really simple this trick but it enables you to remove stuff that you may not need. Try doing the right click method. There may be more items which you can remove this way.

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