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Give Your WordPress Admin That Leopard Look 2


Give Your WordPress Admin That Leopard Look

This is a rather different post. If anybody uses wordpress, the interface used for the admin panel is a bit boring. It did get a redesign during the last update, but it could be a little spruced up. This WordPress plugin changes you admin style so it is a bit more like a Mac. It pulls it off quite well and I really like it.

Narrow Down Spotlight Searches Part 2 1


Narrow Down Spotlight Searches Part 2

Quite a while ago I did a post about narrowing down searches using the kind: operator. I have been looking and testing out different operators that help you narrow down searches but with different operators. They are really simple and help out a lot if you end up with humongous search results.

Free Yourself From The Internet 1


Free Yourself From The Internet

I end up spending a lot of time on the internet when I should be doing work. As a result productivity ends up tanking. Mostly due to spending so much waste time, wikipedia comes to mind. Anyway there is a little application that can help you by disabling both your ethernet and wi-fi through a small command.

Changing Terminals Skin 5


Changing Terminals Skin

This is a rather cool little tip that I really didn’t no existed within Terminal. If you use Terminal a lot or you just want to spruce it up so it looks a bit cooler you can very easily, and only takes a couple of clicks to do, as well as this there is a whole load of options to really drill down and change and fine tune the settings.

The Anatomy Of Network Preferences 1


The Anatomy Of Network Preferences

Networks can be complicated and for anyone that isn’t a computer geek may find the Network Preference Pane a bit complicated. Although there is an assistant this post is designed to give people who are less confident with playing with preferences a bit better of an idea of what everything means. It may also help you figure out solutions to when things go wrong. The preference pane shown below is the Leopard version. The Tiger and earlier versions differ slightly but they are essentially the same.

Finding The Folder Path 6


Finding The Folder Path

This will just be a quick tip today since I have a lot of work on. Coursework + Exams leaves you with hardly any free time. Anyway this is just a simple tip to help you find the path of the folder you are in.

The quickest way to find the path is Command + Click on the title in the Finder window. This will show you the path of the Finder window you are in.

Cancel A Shutdown 2


Cancel A Shutdown

Every so often you will find that you shut down your computer at the wrong moment. For me this is usually just after I find I need to check an email or a website but is is to late. Most the the time it is usually followed by various expletives. What you need to do, is find a quick way to cancel the shut down by invoking a program that needs you to do something. Its really simple and usually works most of the time. Unless you are really slow.

Hide Icon Previews 0


Hide Icon Previews

Icon previews on Leopard are a love hate relationship. For example images, videos, and any other program which renders a large visual image is great for an icon preview. You can quickly see what is happening with out looking at the file name or using quick look to view the file properly. On the other hand it can be a bit of a pain. For example if you have a lot of work documents, including text, spreadsheets, websites to some extent you will probably get a white icon with very small text. This means that in a Finder window full of icons it can be hard to find and differentiate the between files, due to them all being white squares. The option is very simple, turn off preview.

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