Change Your Terminal Welcome Message 5


Change Your Terminal Welcome Message


This is just a quick tip, but it is really fun. Usually when you open up Terminal you will see the date and time of your last Terminal login. That is a bit boring. As a result there is a cool little command that you can use to give your self a custom welcome message, that is a lot more interesting. This tip using a sudo command so you will have to be careful.

First step is to type cd /etc this will change the file path to the etc, a hidden folder, on your computer. After this type sudo pico motd. This is the message of the day file that will be used to display your message. You will have to type in your user password to get it to work.

Next step is to type in your message. Keep it short and simple. I couldn’t think of anything decent so I mentioned the power of terminal. Once you have finished typing your message. Press control + x, to bring up the exit window. Press Y to save changes and accept the default file name of motd by pressing enter.

When you next open terminal you will see your new message. Pretty cool. If you want to changing the message again just do the whole process again. If you know of any decent messages to display, please leave a comment below.

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