Changing Terminals Skin 5


Changing Terminals Skin


This is a rather cool little tip that I really didn’t no existed within Terminal. If you use Terminal a lot or you just want to spruce it up so it looks a bit cooler you can very easily, and only takes a couple of clicks to do, as well as this there is a whole load of options to really drill down and change and fine tune the settings.

To change the skin go to Terminal > Preference > Settings. Here you will see a terminal screen in which you can change the layout. Clicking on each option will enable you to see the default settings. You can then click Default to set is as the default to load. Just close and open the window to use.

The homebrew setting as shown below looks very cool. Very old computer like. Matrix even. You can see below the hack to change the Terminal window from this post.

If you really look into the settings you can change all sorts. For example the name of the Terminal window. You can change it to anything you like. I like it. Makes Terminal a bit more fun to use. You can even export your skins to share with your friends using the extra settings button in the side bar pane.

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